Please cast Chris Hemsworth in ALL the comedies, thank you

If Ghostbusters taught me anything, it”s that Chris Hemsworth is being wasted as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor was never meant to be hemmed in by an archaic-speaking demigod! He was meant to let his comedic tendencies fly!

Hemsworth”s turn as ‘too dumb to live, too pretty to die” Kevin in Paul Feig”s revamped Ghostbusters was one of the highlights of the film. It was great to see Hemsworth go against type-casting and clearly have a blast doing it. Even in a later portion of the film – when he gets to play a completely different character – let Hemsworth poke fun at himself (and all his muscles).

Currently, the Aussie actor has left Kevin behind him (though I personally hope for his return in a later addition to the franchise) to pick up Thor”s hammer once again. But that doesn”t mean the fun has to stop. Over on Instagram, Hemsworth is making regular physical comedy routines for his fans. And they”re pretty much adorable.

Hemsworth”s Instagram is full of little self-deprecating bits of humor. From declaring the roller coaster near the set of Thor: Ragnarok was on his request list to saying stretches feel better “if you do them next to a helicopter,” the actor certainly knows his life is far from ordinary.

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