‘Preacher’ character posters definitely capture the essence of the main cast

I”m not gonna lie to you. The AMC adaptation of Preacher makes me nervous. The source material is a minefield of characters and plots that don”t seem well suited for mainstream consumption. Garth Ennis wrote a graphic novel about humanity vs. the divine, with Reverend Jesse Custer literally on a mission to kill God.

That”s a tough nut to crack. But I have faith in AMC. There are many who would”ve said The Walking Dead could only thrive on a premium network like HBO, but the show has gone on to be the most popular series on television. With Into the Badlands, AMC pushed the envelope even further with high-caliber martial arts filmmaking. So while changes are inevitable for Preacher – it looks like the first season will focus on the town Jesse Custer lives in – that doesn”t have to be a bad thing.

Keeping all that in mind, take a gander at the character posters AMC just released on Twitter. The main cast may look different than their comic book counterparts, but the spirit remains unchanged. Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is a world-weary skeptic, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) is a drunken vampire, and Tulip (Ruth Negga) is bemused by men”s attempts to control her. Maybe Preacher is gonna be okay, you guys.