Professor X looks like death warmed over in ‘Logan’

Yesterday, fans of Hugh Jackman and Wolverine got their first look at what the franchise-favorite mutant will look like in his third solo outing. The poster for Logan didn”t show much, but the accompanying tweets from director James Mangold sure did.

We know Logan will be older. We know he will have diminished healing capabilities. And we know that if someone dies in Logan, it”s a true perma-death. X-Men won”t be made of Flubber in Mangold”s world. This knowledge set off speculation that after nearly two decades wearing the claws, perhaps Jackman was ready to throw in the towel. But a new photo released by Mangold this morning should have fans concerned for another iconic mutant: Professor Charles Xavier.

Patrick Stewart, are you okay?

In retrospect, it makes sense Professor X would be unbearably old in Logan if Wolverine himself is basically playing Old Man Logan. It almost beggars belief Charles would even still be alive and, on some level, I know I had assumed the rest of the X-Men would be long dead by this incarnation Wolverine”s character.

Given Charles looks to be cosplaying Death himself here, it wouldn”t be a shock if the founder of Xavier”s School for Gifted Youngsters doesn”t make it out of Logan alive.

[Via io9]

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