‘Project Runway: All Stars’ recap: Finale: Go Big or Go Home’

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Before we start, a heads-up — I will be interviewing the winner, whoever that may be, tomorrow morning. So keep your eyes peeled! Will post as soon as I’m able, promise. 

Uli, Emilio and Anthony Ryan are our final three, and they’ll have to create a mini-collection for a runway show. And they have to create a theme, music, all that stuff. But they have $3,000 and have the night to think about it. Enjoy the sleeplessness, finalists! 

Uli chooses Winter Wonderland as her theme. Hey, the whites have been working for her. Emilio picks Urban Plantation. He believes the grand prize could change not only his life, but his entire family’s life. Whoa, there, buddy. You live in New York. Yes, $150,000 will help, but in New York City, that’s like grocery money. For you. And a small cat. I’m exaggerating, yes… but not a lot. Anthony dubs his collection A Fine Line, the line between light and dark. 

Everyone runs around Mood, but not so frantically. It’s a lot easier to find stuff when you aren’t fighting with ten other people, I suspect. 

Carolyn walks in, and our final three brace for the worst. But amazingly, our non-Heidi mannequin has good news! She’s bringing enforcements to help them put together their collections, and those enforcements are ousted competitors. I see Ivy and I see Josh and I see… oh my God, I’m channeling Romper Room. Anyway, lots of familiar faces.

And then, what has to be a “Project Runway” first actually happens. I’m floored. Anthony Ryan turns to his BEST FRIEND (at least, on the show), Josh. He asks Josh if he’d like to help him. And Josh, after gushing about how much he loves Anthony Ryan, says NO. Seriously? He’s just too tired! And bitter, and nasty, and selfish. Wow. Anthony is fine with it, though, and realizes it may be for the best. Josh probably is tired, I’ll give him that, but to refuse to help someone he was so close to? I was glad to see Josh go, but now I’m even happier he didn’t make the final three cut.

If he ever had a shot at Fan Favorite, that should kill it.

Instead, Anthony Ryan chooses Kayne. Uli picks Casanova, and Emilio chooses Althea. Casanova may actually get Uli to use muslin and not drape everything. The catch? He crashes on the sofa Uli declares that he’s like a baby — high energy for a while, then needs food and naps. Emilio is irritated that Casanova isn’t working harder for Uli. I love that Emilio feels protective of someone he’s actually competing against. 

Joanna Coles comes to visit the final three. Uli is first. She talks to Joanna about her Winter Wonderland collection. Joanna loves her feathered, belted jacket, and I do, too. Joanna thinks her collection is very coherent, but she needs one showstopping piece. But Joanna wants the vest. 

Anthony Ryan’s graphic, color blocking theme seems to okay with Joanna, or she just doesn’t want to bother telling him his yellow and black dress is something no woman would wear, ever.

Joanna thinks Emilio is fantastically organized — but he doesn’t have anything finished yet. Joanna is very excited about a concept that includes Aunt Jemima and Rosie the Riveter. I’m with Joanna, actually. I think this could be awesome. If we can ever see any of it.

Make-up time. Laura Mercier, plug, plug, plug. What about hair? 

The designers and their helpers head back to Night Hotel, and Casanova promises Uli he will help her make 25 dresses tomorrow if she wants. 

The next day, the assistants check in, help a little, then leave the designers to their own devices. 

Oh, my. Everyone wants to win, but then Anthony Ryan says he’ll have to quit designing if he doesn’t because he won’t have the resources to continue. Or he could take a job as a designer for a label. Just saying. 

The designers go to Gotham Hall. It’s not Bryant Park, but it’s nice. They have three hours to put everything together. And Emilio has to make an entire jacket. In three hours. That said, I love the do-rag ties on his models. Cute and colorful. 

Runway time! Our judges are Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi (one of the most famous names in fashion… is that in his contract that he must always be introduced that way? Because it’s a bit of an exaggeration), Liv Tyler and model/actress/Missoni Margherita Missoni.

Emilio is first. He has a drummer! I love this already.

The dropped waist, strapless dress is cute, but not amazing. I hope it gets better. And it does. I love the white shirt with the bustier. The tube top with high-waisted shorts, very cute. And wow, the shrunken, ’80s graffiti suit? There’s something about this that says Keith Haring to me, and it’s awesome. The short-sleeved pantsuit, also strong. This is very cohesive. The white shirt over a black skirt is okay. But the black and print dress? I love these sleeves with the long, dangling ties. The unstructured jacket with the last dress is great. Overall, very strong.

Anthony Ryan 

I like the blue and black maxidress with the cut-out back. The black and yellow dress is, fortunately, more Speed Racer than bumblebee. The color blocking does get a little one-note, but I like all of it so far. I like the grey print he’s using, as it’s more interesting and softer than the black. I like all of these dresses, but some of them look like he ordered the blue version and the brown version of the same dress from a catalogue. And yes, that cut-out back gets repetitive when we see it over and over again. But still, good collection — except for the last dress, which doesn’t look well-sewn. 


This is her mystical winter dream. I like this first dress. But I don’t like the weird shoulder wrap on the second one. Hey, there’s the feathered vest! Now it has sleeves. I love the long, feathered dress, though I think the jewel at the base of the back of the spine is too much. 

Elie Tahari thinks Uli’s work could go on any runway and get applause. Rafe of Nine West liked Anthony Ryan’s collection and noted the seams were not easy to execute, and Mondo (who is rocking a macho look) thinks Emilio had a strong story.

Time for the judging! The judges will address each contestant one at a time. First up is Emilio. Georgina thinks she finally knows who he is as a designer now. Isaac is so pleased he was focused. And it was the most political collection, as he only used African-American models. Carolyn loves the trench. Liv loved the use of color. Margherita didn’t think there was much experimentation. Isaac thinks it went junior at a few points — especially that first dress. I still can’t believe he led with that, given everything else was so strong. 

Anthony Ryan is next. Georgina thinks it’s a spectacular collection. Isaac loves the first dress. Liv thinks it’s so sexy. Margherita thinks the first dress is unique but appealing. Isaac thinks the placement of the pockets is shockingly sophisticated. He’s so jealous! Georgina thinks the finale look was a let down. Isaac needed to see a repetition of some lengths. 

On to Uli. Isaac loves it. Georgina is astonished by what she’s accomplished in four days. Carolyn was crazy about the neckline on the first dress. Margherita loves the fairy tale quality, and Liv Tyler is blown away by the detail. Carolyn loves the dress, but thinks the jewel on the butt is too much. Georgina thinks the faux fur looks a little inexpensive. 

Time for the judges to deliberate. Margherita thought Emilio’s collection wasn’t wow, and Georgina didn’t like the first dress. But Isaac loves that he went political. Georgina thinks he’s listened to what they said. 

Isaac felt Anthony Ryan was the most “fashion.” Georgina thinks it was one thought, and she thought the print gave it emotion. But everyone hated the finale dress. Isaac also disliked the weird lengths of the dresses in the middle. Carolyn thinks Anthony Ryan is very artistic. 

Isaac thought Uli’s collection was the most emotional and spiritual. Margherita loved that she could make people dream. Carolyn thinks she’s interesting and refreshing. Georgina responds to Uli’s world. 

I have no idea who is going to win, honestly.

Finally (finally, finally) the final three are welcomed onto the runway one last time to hear who won. And… we will find out after the commercial break.

The second runner-up is… Uli. Awwww! I’m disappointed. I wish more women actually won a show that’s about designing for, you know, women. She has no regrets, and is just glad to show a collection and is happy she did it.

The winner is… Anthony Ryan. Emilio is okay coming in second, though he would have liked the money.

Anyway, Anthony Ryn cries and all the show’s competitors come out to congratulate him and drink champagne. Anthony Ryan is weepy and happy and… you know what, I’ll just ask him tomorrow!

Were you happy with who won? Were you surprised Josh refused to help Anthony Ryan? And any questions you’d like me to ask the winner tomorrow?  

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