Think Priyanka Chopra should play a Bond girl? ‘F–k that — I wanna be Bond,’ she says

If you, like plenty of other people, apparently, have thought Priyanka Chopra would make a good Bond girl, here”s what the Quantico star has to say to you: 

“I get that all the time. But f–k that – I wanna be Bond.”

That”s how she responded when the topic of her being perfect for the part of one of 007″s ladies came up on set for Baywatch, according to a Complex cover story about the actress.

Chopra made the leap from Bollywood to Hollywood with Quantico last year. The ABC TV series, renewed for a season 2, stars the Indian actress as a recruit at the FBI Academy in Quantico.

In the upcoming Baywatch movie, she did get to play a gender-swapped part – her villain character was originally scripted to be a man. (Looks like the makers of Baywatch weren”t as concerned about their toy sales as Marvel.)

Chopra would have some tough competition for the distinction of first female Bond, though: This weekend, another one-time FBI agent-on-TV, Gillian Anderson, tweeted a fan-made image of herself against the backdrop of the iconic James Bond gun barrel. She posted the image on Twitter with the hashtag “#NextBond.”

Anderson has the edge in one way here: Though born in Illinois, the X-Files alum spent several years of her childhood in London. A trace of a British accent in her voice will even show up in some interviews. Gender-related hurdles aside, Chopra”s non-Britishness would probably get in the way of that 007 dream. (Though, hey, Pierce Brosnan and George Lazenby didn”t let that stop them.)

Really, though, whether it“s in the part of Bond or not, we”d be thrilled to watch Chopra play a badass spy in a new big screen production.

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