Rachel McAdams joining James Franco in ‘Every Thing Will Be Fine’

It looks like “Every Thing Will Be Fine” for Rachel McAdams.

The actress has joined the busy James Franco and Charlotte Gainsbourg in the upcoming big screen drama from director Wim Wenders (“Wings of Desire,” “Paris, Texas”).
The film centers on a struggling writer (Franco) who accidentally kills a child and is wracked with guilt while his career simultaneously takes off.  He forms a bond with the boy’s brother (Robert Naylor) and mother (Gainsbourg) years after the incident.
McAdams will play Franco”s girlfriend, a key supporting role for which Sarah Polley was initially attached to play before leaving the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Every Thing Will Be Fine” started production last week in Montreal.

McAdams will next be seen opposite Domhnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy in “About Time,” and in “A Most Wanted Man,” alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Wright. She can also be seen with her “Sherlock Holmes” A Game of Shadows” co-star Noomi Rapace in Brian DePalma’s “Passion,” which is playing VOD now.