Rally the troops! Xena’s title is on the line in our 2nd annual March Mayhem!

It is time. Break out the caffeine, ready you mouse-clicking finger, and prep your witty retort muscles for HitFix's 2nd annual March Mayhem. Who will take home the coveted spot? Which fandom can galvanize to ride the wave to victory? Round One begins on Monday, March 16th. But you can start smack-talking in the comments right now!

Last year, the Xenites roused from their dormant slumber to buoy the Warrior Princess to victory. Xena returns this year to defend her title. Is there any power great enough to stop her army of Internet warriors?

Vote for or against Xena here starting on March 16th.

The roster is also sporting dozens of new faces. From Boba Fett and Samara to Captain Kirk and Korra and beyond, find your champion and fight to the (virtual) death. Personally, if Xena loses her grasp on the crown, my money is on Clever Girl from “Jurassic Park.”

Vote for or against Clever Girl here beginning on March 16th.