‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Is it going to be a Phaedra and Kenya battle?

03.17.14 5 years ago 6 Comments

Dammit, Kenya, why'd you have to do that? Just when we'd categorized Twirl Girl as our resident drama queen/lunatic, she had to go grab our sympathy by sobbing through a fertility ritual and then talking (seemingly honesty, but who knows?) about how her biological clock got flipped on when she was 35.

If it was just an act, it seemed to have softened up the other girls (at least the other girls who were invited along). As much as NeNe rolled her eyes as the shaman blew smoke in her face, it wasn't long before she was talking about the trials of being a young mom and trying to coach Kenya through the idea of adoption. If you didn't think too much about the fact Kenya told Porsha and Phaedra to go spin while she bonded with the rest of the cast, it was almost a heartwarming moment. 

Almost. While Kenya wept about babies, she also seemed intent on getting Apollo so hot and bothered he burst a blood vessel. Once she lured the entire group to visit a cave during their stay in Mexico, she revealed the underground tunnel wasn't just bats and weird stalagmites hanging from the ceiling. No, it had a lovely pool, giving her the opportunity to strip down to her bikini and make sure Apollo had no choice but to enjoy the view.

Apollo was also quick to strip down to his swim trunks, but oddly enough, no one else seemed to be in a rush to get in the water. You could practically see Apollo wrestling with the little devil on one shoulder and the little angel on the other. Should I get in the water? Yes? No? Should I think about baseball in case Kenya turns around in that bikini one more time? 

Eventually Phaedra decided to dive in, giving Apollo a pass to get wet, and it wasn't all that sexy anyway since everyone apparently had to wear little waist floaties and snorkeling gear. There aren't many things hotter than a chick in snorkeling gear, after all. Not. 

Kenya wasn't content just trying to lure Apollo into another pool, though. No, she decided to corner him while the guys were gathered together to smoke cigars. I was impressed that Peter and Todd still had the presence of mind after Kenya bought round after round of shots to make sure Apollo wasn't left unattended with Kenya. While Kenya tried to laugh this off, you could tell she was hoping to figure out a way to break a bottle over Todd's head while no one was looking.

Todd eventually conceded that Apollo is a grown ass man who shouldn't need a babysitter, and hey, Phaedra shouldn't have left her boy toy on his own anyway. I did think it was interesting that while Apollo and Kenya were arguing about who disrespected who first, the one thing Kenya didn't argue with was Apollo's claim that he could have slept with her if he'd wanted to do it. Nope. Clearly, that was on the table. No, Kenya felt that he besmirched her character by saying she made a pass at him. But, you know, if he had made a move, it would have totally been game on. 

Bickering about respect isn't a particularly sexy conversation, and I don't see a pool anywhere nearby into which Apollo can toss Kenya, so really, there shouldn't be a problem when Phaedra and Kandi show up. But hey, you know there will be! As Peter pointed out, Apollo is an idiot to have anything to do with a woman his wife hates, even if that just means having a conversation with Kenya that doesn't include punching her. I suspect Phaedra would be pretty okay with it if Apollo had put the beat down on Kenya, though you know she'd never admit it.

As much as Phaedra tries to put all of the blame into Kenya's court, the reality that Apollo and Kenya can even have a conversation about how they're both really attractive people who could have sex, then debate whether or not one of them opened the door to said sex, suggests trouble is only a few tequila shots away at any moment.

Speaking of trouble, Kandi and Todd's relationship somehow got slapped onto the conversational table, with Todd finding a lot of sympathy for his side from, I think, almost everyone. Kandi's reluctance to do anything about their wedding plans — and her mother — may ultimately push Todd to this limit. The good news? I think Peter will find an extra bedroom for him at his house if he needs it. Damn if the guys on this show aren't always better at bonding than the women are. Can't we all just get along, ladies?

Do you think Phaedra is going to fight with Kenya? Do you think Kenya's behavior toward Apollo during the Mexico trip has been above board? Did your opinion of her change after the fertility ritual?

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