‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reunion: Who’s lying – Lisa or Kyle?

Oh, this is going to be fun! It’s the first part of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion, and at first everyone is largely well-behaved and almost civil to one another. It takes these gals a while to warm up, it’s true. But by the end of the episode, there’s yelling and screaming and accusations, just as we expect. Of course, then the question is, which woman is lying? Really, take your pick. 

After we cover the expected material (Adrienne, as we know, is off the show, so it’s all kinds of fun to talk about her), the women move on. Brandi explains, yet again, she only turns mean when she’s trifled with. And then? “I will cut a bitch, it’s that simple,” she helpfully explains. I will say, during the show she does take a few pot shots at Kyle, but I can’t say that’s a bad thing, really. 

Then, Yolanda decides it’s time to call some of the ladies on the carpet. No one tried to befriend her early on! She hadn’t even watched the show! I knew it! Of course she hadn’t watched the show, because I’m fairly sure she never, ever would have signed on if she had. Anyway, she remembers sitting in her car, deathly ill, having rushed from Cedars-Sinai to make it to a taping (she has Lyme disease, so really, I think she should have just begged off and taken a nap), and none of the housewives checked on her.

Kyle insists she would have. Yolanda is not convinced. This is a hint of squabbling to come, by the way.

Then, Yolanda and Taylor talk about their rocky start, and Taylor… apologizes. Quickly and without hesitation. This is wildly mature and another sign Taylor is probably getting booted from the show. Anyway, she’s dating her divorce lawyer and everything’s ducky… or will be as soon as he gets divorced. 

In other news, Kyle wet herself in Ojai. 

Finally, we dive into the shaky status of Lisa and Kyle’s relationship. Lisa suggests that Kyle has been so quick to defend Adrienne because Mauricio wants to get the listing on her house. Kyle is offended! I tend to think that explains a lot, actually. I wish Kyle would just admit that she and Mauricio want to play nice with people who can throw them millions of dollars worth of business. Lisa points out that her relationship with them has definitely changed since they sold her house, and it’s hard to argue with that detail.

Kyle feels hurt, Lisa feels hurt, there’s just a lot of hurt — and then for some reason Yolanda jumps in. She accuses Kyle of being two-faced, because she gossiped about Brandi having plastic surgery. Kyle lights into her and orders her to reveal the crappy things she said about Lisa behind her back in Paris. Yolanda blinks. She has no recollection of what that might have been. 

Yolanda said that Lisa was not Kim’s friend in Paris, and a few other unkind things. But as I recall those scenes, Yolanda was reacting to what was a pretty unpleasant scene. Lisa was upset that Kim was derailing the whole evening, and Yolanda thought Kim might be dead in her hotel room. Different angles, granted, but tensions were high. I can’t believe Lisa is dragging this old argument out for a spin, but then, Yolanda was asking for it by complaining about how poorly she was treated at the beginning of the season. But I will say, I’m now going to have to go back and read Yolanda’s blog. It sounds dishy!

Do you think Yolanda deserves to be attacked by Kyle? Do you think Kyle and Mauricio pretend to be friends with people to get him house listings? And do you think Brandi would cut a bitch?