Rebecca Hall on the British legal system and approaching ‘Closed Circuit’ the same way as ‘Iron Man 3’

08.27.13 6 years ago
Rebecca Hall may not have known a whole lot about the Special Advocate position within the British legal system before filming “Closed Circuit,” but she certainly knows all about it now. It is a crucially important bit of knowledge to have to understand “Closed Circuit,” and although the movie does a good job making the viewer aware of what’s going on, in our interview with her, Hall showed that not only did she too have a handle on it, but could explain it brilliantly as well.  Just watch her answer our first question in the video above.
We didn’t only ask Hall to explain her character’s profession, we also queried her on potential differences between the U.S. and England. As everyone is aware, cultural differences exist between the United States and England; people’s perceptions of what may or may not be acceptable differ between the nations. With closed circuit cameras being prevalent in London, one might think that the British public was far more accepting of them than most Americans seem to be. Hall assured us however that she, and many Brits, are just as trepidacious about the presence of such cameras as many of us here across the pond. As she put it, “the CCTV camera stuff is a controversial issue.”
Finally, many people last saw Hall in “Iron Man 3,” a completely different sort of a movie than legal thriller “Closed Circuit.” When asked, Hall told us that despite the movies (and presumably productions) being vastly different, she still approached both roles-and prepared for both-in the same way.   Knowing this last fact and being aware of how much she clearly learned about the Special Advocate system for “Closed Circuit,” some out there might be a little scared about her ability to develop Extremis. We don’t think anyone need truly be concerned.
Also starring Eric Bana and Ciaran Hinds, “Closed Circuit” opens in theaters on August 28.

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