Recap: ‘The Voice’ results – Team Christina and Team Blake quarterfinals

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Carson welcomes us to the really big shew: The Wanted are going to perform with Team Blake, Justin Bieber will world premiere his new video and both Blake and Christina have to boot one more quarter-finalist.

After last night’s shocking Instant Elimination of Team Christina’s Jesse Campbell, and Team Blake’s less shocking (but also less deserved) Instant Elimination of Jordis Unga, what will happen tonight?

Can opera man Chris Mann viva la vida in the competition? Will teenaged toddler without a tiara RaeLynn stomp her way to safety? We’ll know soon enough…

But first we’ll all enjoy “Glad You Came” boy band The Wanted perform a new single with a special appearance from Team Blake’s Jermaine, Erin and RaeLynn. If you love it be sure to hashtag #TheWANTEDonTheVOICE on Twitter! Or maybe don’t, because that means Christina Milian might see it. And you don’t want that.

Anyway, on to the results. Team Christina is up first.

Carson asks Adam to sound off on Christina’s decision to eliminate Jesse. Adam’s thoughts: “As surprised as I was by her decision, it’s not my decision. I respect it. I feel like there was a lot of thought put into it on her part. … If he was on my team I probably would’ve kept him around, but it’s not for me to decide.”

And Christina has more to say on the topic as well: “I’m glad [Carson] mentioned controversy. Let’s face it, I’m no stranger to controversy and I’m OK with that. I’m fearless in the face of what I believe and I will defend every action that I make. I never back down from following my heart and staying true to myself. Jesse will go on and touch people with his voice … I wish him all the best.”

So who is America’s save on Team Christina? Surely it can’t be Opera Mann, right?

It’s Chris Mann.

Ugh. So much for my theory about evil genius Christina (or maybe America’s misogynistic voting tendencies in televised singing competitions just foiled her evil plans).

Who’s safe on Team Blake? Since there are two girls and one guy, take a wild guess.

It’s Jermaine Paul.

What a shocker. Jermaine was decent, better than Chris for sure, and well… he’s a guy. (I’m starting to think Americans probably shouldn’t vote for anything, ever.)

Now it’s up to the four ladies to compete for a save…

Ashley de la Rosa goes first with Lady Gaga’s “You and I.” Apparently she’s been taking stomping classes from RaeLynn. Her vocals are a bit all over the place but her attitude is there. She seems shaken by having to compete for a save yet again, and probably knows Christina isn’t going to rescue her two weeks in a row.

Adam reiterates how surprised he’s been by Ashley, except he’s starting to get over that and didn’t exactly love what she just did. Blake dug it though. He says if he had the choice to buy an album by Ashley or an album by Lindsey, he’d pick Ashley. (Even though just last night he told us he downloads everything Lindsey does!)

Lindsey Pavao takes the stage and counters with Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go.” It’s a pretty, professional performance. It ends with lots of tears. Lindsey cries. Christina cries. They have a connection.

Blake observes that there’s something “mysterious” about Lindsey that draws people in, but he’s standing by Ashley.

But enough with these wannabes. There’s a real superstar in the house: Justin Bieber. He’s here to world premiere his new video!

Or actually a world premiere of a sneak preview of the video. We see some glimpses of Bieber macking on a video girl and that’s about it. He still looks eleven. But wait, there’s more! His album will be released June 19 and he’ll be back in three weeks to perform “Boyfriend” live on “The Voice” finale. So that’s exciting. For someone.

After Lord Bieber makes his exit, we can return to the task at hand: Who will Christina save?

Carson asks Christina if her tears for Lindsey meant she’s sad to see Lindsey go, or she wants to keep Lindsey around. Christina says she has a “special connection” with Lindsey’s voice (toldja!). She praises Ashley as a “dynamo on stage.” Christina calls them both “complete superstars who could record an album right now and blow up.”

Nevertheless, Christina wants to go with her heart, so she saves Lindsey.

But she immediately rushes the stage to hug, kiss and reassure Ashley. This is the first time all season Christina has actually seemed legitimately upset about an elimination, so I’m sticking with my theory she wanted Lindsey and Ashley as her top two. Curse you America!

Team Blake’s last chance performances kick off with Erin Willett tackling Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.” It’s a good, obvious choice to make an impression and I think I would’ve preferred Erin trying this instead of Adele last night.

But RaeLynn‘s got a trump card: The Band Perry’s crossover country smash “If I Die Young.” She twangs it up like never before, practically daring Blake to throw a cute little country girl under a bus.

Blake loves them both and says it’s a really tough call. But he’s deciding based on the song choice, and agrees with Adam’s criticism of RaeLynn. Which means he’s saving Erin. But as the credits start rolling, Blake still hasn’t actually said that. Carson starts demanding a name and Blake fumbles some more. Will they even get this on air in time?

Hello? Blake? Can we get a name?

And he makes it official. He saves Erin.

RaeLynn’s tears are the last image we see. Hey, it’s not like NBC can keep all those rabid “Fashion Star” fans waiting.

I hope you’re proud of yourself, Blake. You made a child cry on live TV.

We’ll be back next week when I’m sure Adam’s team will be whittled down to Tony Lucca and Pip. But at least we’ll have to have Jamar and Juliet on Team Cee-Lo. Right? Right?

What do you think of Christina and Blake’s semi-finalists? Does Opera Mann have a date with the finals? And how would Justin Bieber fare in a blind audition?

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