Report: Arnold Schwarzenegger may have a ‘Fast Five’ connection in new ‘Terminator’

04.26.11 8 years ago

Just like the killer robots from the future that stalked Sarah Connor and her son for decades, “The Terminator” movie franchise just won’t die.  

After the independent producers of 2009’s “Terminator: Salvation” went bankrupt, VC-investment group Pacificor decided to keep the rights to themselves and continue the franchise without Hollywood’s assistance. Wild rumors about what would happen next for the movie series have circulated since, but now Pacificor has reportedly put together a package it hopes will solidify financing and distribution of a fifth “Terminator” film.  According to Deadline, a new “Terminator” is being bundled together with 63-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the fold and “Fast Five” and “Fast and Furious” director Justin Lin taking the directing reigns from McG.  There is no screenwriter attached at this time, but Robert Cort (“Save the Last Dance,” “Runaway Bride”) is on board to produce.

Schwarzenegger last appeared in 2003’s “Terminator 3” which was released two months before the actor made his astounding run for the California Governor’s office in a swiftly called run-off election.   The “Governator” left office this past January and with his Presidential aspirations constitutionally on hold, Schwarzenegger has been looking to make one last run on the big screen.  He’d approved the use of his likeness in a CG version of the T-101 or T-800 (take your pick) for “Salvation,” but this would be his first live-action or motion-capture appearance since “T3.”  

Lin is becoming the darling of Universal Pictures’ eye after the huge success of “Fast and Furious” and the expected blockbuster returns for “Fast Five” opening domestically Friday.  While he’s expected to return to the “Fast and Furious” franchise with “Fast Six” (more than hinted at during the end of “Fast Five”), it’s unclear whether he has time to fit a new “Terminator” film in before the gang hits the streets again.  It’s possible, however, that Universal will acquire the distribution rights to the new “Terminator” franchise to keep him in the fold.  Lionsgate and Sony Pictures are also expected to try and secure a chunk of the Sci-Fi franchise.

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