FOX, HBO named most gay-inclusive television networks

FOX and HBO have come out on top in GLAAD’s 2011-2012 “Where Are We on TV” report, which each year counts the number of LGBT characters on scripted primetime television across networks. The two were number one in the realm of broadcast and cable networks, respectively.

On the downside, the report also notes that the overall percentage of LGBT characters functioning as series regulars has decreased from 3.9% last season to 2.9% this season on the broadcast networks. For LGBT series regular characters on cable the number is also down, from 35 last season to 29 this season.

Here’s how each of the broadcast networks fared, from the highest to the lowest percentage of LGBT series regulars featured in their 2011-2012 season:

FOX: 6.8%

ABC: 3.4% (down from a whopping 7.2% last season)

NBC: 1.9% (its third year of decline in a row)

CW: 1.5%

CBS: 0.7%

HBO’s “True Blood” and Showtime’s “Shameless” tied for the most regular LGBT characters in one series, with six each.

Other interesting statistics: of the 19 regular LGBT characters on broadcast television this season, five (or 26%) are people of color, while none (0%, ha) have disabilities.

Funny they should mention it, because I actually have this great idea for a TV show about a Japanese-American lesbian with Tourette’s syndrome. I’m telling you, it’s perfect for CBS.