Report: Matt Lauer got ‘Today’ boss fired over a plan to replace Savannah Guthrie with Hoda Kotb

Report: Matt Lauer got “Today” boss fired over a plan to replace Savannah Guthrie with Hoda Kotb
Page Six reports that Guthrie, Natalie Morales and Willie Geist told Lauer they heard a plan to have Morales and Guthrie replaced by Josh Elliott and Kotb, respectively. So Lauer went to the head of NBC News, Deborah Turness, and got “Today” executive producer Jamie Horowitz fired. PLUS: NY Times reports that Horowitz “quickly made some important enemies at the show.”

Nielsen to begin measuring Netflix and Amazon Prime, but not comprehensively
According to the Wall Street Journal, Nielsen will be able to use its TV meters to analyze a program”s audio to find out what shows people are watching.

Watch Cameron Diaz”s “SNL” promos
Did Bobby Moynihan mess with her cue cards?

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Diana Ross, Meghan Trainor, Colbie Caillat are coming to “The Voice”
They, along with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, will serve as guest advisors on the NBC singing competition.

“True Blood”s” Riley Smith joins “True Detective”
Smith will return to HBO in another “True” series as the sheriff deputy boyfriend of Rachel McAdams” character.

Why do we care so much now about the Bill Cosby rape allegations?
“The answer, says Jeff Labrecque, “more than likely lies in technology, which only magnifies our natural human impulse to rant and criticize others. True, the 2005 accusations against Cosby didn”t take place in ancient times-but the media landscape has shifted and accelerated exponentially even since then. The Internet and social media are now a grassroots platform for outrage and the court of public opinion; issues that emerge there very quickly gets picked up by more traditional media, like the evening news.”

Charles Dance explains how Tywin Lannister will appear in “Game of  Thrones” Season 5
“I don”t wake up in the shower having had a dream about it all,” he says.

JB Smoove: “We never say goodbye” on “The Millers”
“We just say see you soon,” Smoove says in an Instagram photo signed by the entire cast.

How Jim Carrey”s “Tonight Show” Jeff Daniels puppet was created
Carrey ha a behind the scenes video of his “loving tribute to his buddy.”

“Parks and Rec” writers watched the “Cheers” and “Six Feet Under” finales to prep for their own series finale
“TV is a weird thing,” says exec producer Mike Schur. “People are growing with you over many, many years. And the best finales are ones where you can imagine the characters continuing to move on with their lives. That became our goal: Let”s do a nice, character-based story where, at the end of it, you”re like, 'OK, I feel like everyone is safe and happy.””

“The Voice”s” Blake Shelton: “American Idol” was lucky to have superstars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood
“I think mostly because people like that are one in a million,” Shelton tells BuzzFeed. “The odds of 'American Idol' having done that are astronomical. I don”t think it”s … because of that show – it was just luck of the draw that those two girls came strolling through those auditions. If it was just the result of a show, then there would be 30 superstars right now that have come out of all these shows. But it”s not. It”s just people, whether it”s on one of these shows, or YouTube, or somebody who got a record deal and got on the radio. You never know where they”re going to come from, and it just so happens that they had a couple.” PLUS: “The Voice” Brazil has twice as many viewers as the American version.

“State of Affairs” has a “2008 sensibility”
The Katherine Heigl drama feels politically current yet completely innocuous. Perhaps because the shows it”s trying to imitate have been edgier in their portrayals of terrorism and sex.

“The Simpsons” has saved FXX
The struggling FX spinoff has been doing well since “The Simpsons” marathon.

Reality-dependent cable networks are experimenting with scripted TV
E!, Animal Planet and TruTV are among the reality cable networks reaching into scripted television.

Meet “Sons of Anarchy”s” Abel twins
Evan and Ryder Londo, age 6, have played Abel for four seasons.

John Mulaney: It's weird reading “'Mulaney” sucks”
“The ratings have not been good, but luckily the reviews have not been good…We”re niche,” Mulaney tells Jimmy Kimmel.

Mindy Kaling spent Tuesday filming “The Mindy Project” all over San Francisco
Kaling tweeted and instagrammed the entire day, filming from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge.