Rihanna takes herself out of the running for ‘The Bodyguard’ remake

HitFix initally put up Rihanna as a top name to be considered for the super-diva role in the forthcoming “The Bodyguard” film remake, but the singer claims that job won’t be under her umbrella.

The “Rude Boy” singer told OK Magazine that she plans on playing her own character in the moving pictures of life.

“I hate it when singers do singing movies all the time, because you can never look at them as anybody else. I want to play a character, my whole life is playing Rihanna, being a singer won’t be a stretch for me,” she said.

Furthermore, she’s not ruling more acting opportunities out in the future. “I like challenges and being an actor is playing a role, being able to step into somebody else’s shoes. That’s the excitement.”

No word if she was actually in talks with Warner Bros., but her opinion is at least now known.

Rihanna will appear in the forthcoming flick “Battleship,” due May 2012.

Whitney Houston played pop star Rachel Marron in the 1992 “Bodyguard” original.