Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ preps premiere as snippet of Chris Brown duet leaks

11.07.12 6 years ago

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Whether you like it or not, Rihanna’s new duet with Chris Brown is on its way, and there’s already some of the song in circulation. “Nobodies Business” includes the sentiment “you’ll always be my baby” and other time-honored love song tomes, with Brown singing instead of “singing” or rapping.

iTunes and YouTube were running short teasers of each of the songs from Rihanna’s forthcoming new album “Unapologetic” earlier today; the Apple store’s preview is now down, and the video-viewing website still battling some previews getting stifled by UMG copyright claim.

Regardless, at least “Nobodies Business” will doubtless live on, due the tabloidian nature of Rihanna and Brown’s recently rekindled relationship. Like, below for instance.

The snippets from “Unapologetic” arrive just in time for the video to Rihanna’s single “Diamonds” to premiere. It will debut on MTV tomorrow night (Nov. 8) at 6:50 p.m. EST. A teaser of that vid is also below. The album is out on Nov. 19.

And you know who else has a video coming tomorrow? Ke$ha. Her “Die Young” clip is set to debut around the same time. Who will keep this joint classy?

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