Robin Williams’ greatest performances: From ‘Good Will Hunting’ to ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’

Robin Williams tragic and sudden death should not overshadow a legendary career. From his standup beginnings to his breakthrough on television to his prominence as a box office superstar, Williams was a pop culture fixture during the later quarter of the 20th Century and through the early part of the 21st. He was manic, he was gentle, he was scattered, he was comforting and, most of all, he was funny.

The body of work this force of nature left behind resulted in a long overdue Academy Award (and three other nominations), six Golden Globes, two Emmy Awards, two Screen Actor's Guild honors and two iconic animated voices that will delight children for decades to come. Williams ventured into indie films walking the snowy sidewalks of Sundance and walked the red carpet at Cannes. He took his standup act around the world playing to Royalty and numerous heads of state. He donated his time to amazing charitable causes such as “Comic Relief” and toured Iraq and Afghanistan with USO.  He did not stop until he did.

Many words will be written about Williams career over the coming days and years, but at first glance we present some of his most memorable performances. An irreverent disc jockey. A father trying to support his children by any means necessary. A teacher trying to reach his young and impressionable students.  

Take a journey over a stunning career in the embedded gallery below, then let us know what your favorite Robin Williams performances are by voting in the poll further down the page.