Roundup: Is ‘Django’ riding to Rome?

Attention, “Django Unchained” pre-fans! Please note that we’re leading off today’s roundup with the film — all brownie points will be graciously received. Anyway, it’s looking likelier that a rumor I first heard at the Venice Film Festival a month ago may come to pass: Tarantino’s latest could have its world premiere at the rapidly growing Rome Film Festival. Fest director Marco Mueller, who was dumped by Venice last year, certainly sounded confident when he announced the screening of two surprise films in the Italian capital next month: “You will see Tarantino soon, here. You will see him here soon for a big surprise… This is something we will announce in detail in a few days’ time, and you will see that Django will be stepping on the stage of the Auditorium.” If true, that’s a massive coup for a festival that never used to get much attention. Watch out, Venice. [Reuters]

Still on “Django” (I know!), Ben Child wonders if Leonardo DiCaprio will be a force to be reckoned with in Best Supporting Actor. [The Guardian]

I love that we still know so little about “Zero Dark Thirty.” So little, in fact, that Anthony Breznican only just unearthed the news that James Gandolfini is in it. Psyched. [EW]

In case you missed, the A.V. Club gang have been counting down the best movies of the 1990s. Numero Uno? “GoodFellas.” Much to wallow in here. [The AV Club]

One of Jacqueline Durran’s spectacular “Anna Karenina” gowns will join the much-anticipated Hollywood Costume exhibition at London’s V&A Museum. [THR]

Oscar-winning writer-director Martin McDonagh talks about his ambiguous relationship with Hollywood after making his first semi-American film, “Seven Psychopaths.” [Time Out NY

This may surprise you, but David Poland has some thoughts about Variety sharing a stable with Deadline. [Hot Blog]

Scott Feinberg discusses how a number of earlier award shows will benefit from this year’s unusually early Oscar nominations. [The Race]

Jon Weisman imagines how the remake of “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” will shape up in 20 years’ time. Here’s hoping Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett have better things to do then. [The Vote]

Clint Eastwood now has to make his “A Star is Born” redo without Beyonce. Or, you know, he could not make it at all. [Variety]