Roundup: Is Oscar ready for a 3D Best Picture?

When “Avatar” was competing at the Oscars four (!) years ago, 3D was a relative novelty in multiplexes — and a total one in the awards race. With the technology now a fixture in both contexts, have voter perceptions of it changed? This is the question asked Jen Chaney, as she notes the progression from “Avatar’s” relegation to technical awards to the very real possibility of “Gravity” becoming the first 3D Best Picture. (Alfonso Cuaron, meanwhile, will most likely make it two in a row for 3D films in the Best Director race.) “There will be a 3D Best Picture winner at some point in our lifetimes,” she concludes. “If not now, if not this year, then certainly in the not-so-distant future.” [The Dissolve]

A lovely piece by David Thomson on the origins of the Oscars, and how it all started with Louis B. Mayer’s beach house. [Vanity Fair]

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BBC documentary editor Nick Fraser on why “The Act of Killing” shouldn’t win an Oscar. To each his own, but “snuff movie?” Really? [The Guardian]

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Why “Bad Grandpa” deserves an Oscar. (Well, more specifically, the Oscar for which it’s nominated.) [Slate]

What are the most Oscar-winning Christian names? How many films nominated for precisely six Oscars have won Best Picture? Oscar infographics à go-go. [Movie Scrutineer]

As you might expect, Emmanuel Lubezki’s Instagram feed (discovered via Slate] is something a bit special. [Instagram]