Roundup: Is ‘Paperman’ Disney’s best in years?

In what could be a rather smart campaign move in a tight race for Best Animated Short, Disney have decided to make their charming black-and-white romance “Paperman” — previously shown in theaters ahead of “Wreck-It Ralph” — available for all to view online for three weeks, starting today. Film critic Tim Robey, however, doesn’t believe the film even needs such an advantage, claiming “the race looks pretty much over” — on merit alone. “Paperman is the best thing Disney have done in years,” he writes. “There are only seven minutes of it, but they”re perfect … It may, in its modest way, point towards a new frontier in animation, where computer-generated visuals are brought face to face with old-style hand-drawing, because it uses both at once.” I’m not entirely sure I agree, and I suspect underdog power will prevail in the Oscar race, but it’s a popular point of view. [The Telegraph]  

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