Roundup: The case for DiCaprio

And no, it has nothing to do with CNN “revealing” the “Wolf of Wall Street” star as the Best Actor winner a few days ago. (Seriously, how many stories on that non-event are people going to write?) Still, there does seem to be a general surge of sentiment for DiCaprio, as exemplified by this Marlow Stern piece in which he states that it’s “absurd” that the actor is about to turn 40 and hasn’t won an Oscar yet. (By Best Actor standards, of course, winning at 40 is positively precocious.) “It”s time to do the right thing and honor one of the finest actors of our generation with an Oscar while he”s still in his prime instead of some paunchy supporting role a decade later,” he says. [Daily Beast]

David O. Russell and his crew discuss the craft of “American Hustle.” [Thompson on Hollywood]

Alex von Tunzelmann gives “Dallas Buyers Club” the historical once-over. It doesn’t go well. [The Guardian]

Nominated for “The Invisible Woman,” costume designer Michael O’Connor bemoans the lack of a nod for production designer Maria Djurkovic. [Variety]

How Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters in “The Jerk” served as inspiration for “Her” songwriter Karen O. [New York Times]

Pharrell’s “Happy” has become the highest-charting Best Original Song nominee since Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” 11 years ago. [Hollywood Reporter]

Plans are in place for a Rockefeller biopic, to be directed Lasse Hallstrom and scripted by “Dallas Buyers Club” writer Craig Borten. [Deadline]

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Bilge Ebiri and David Edelstein count down the 25 best romantic comedies of the last 25 years. They include “13 Going on 30,” so this list comes highly recommended. [Vulture]