Rob Lowe Clearly Loves Creeping Us Out

I just watched Rob Lowe in the new movie “Sex Tape,” where he plays a seemingly mild-mannered exec who has a very dark, very shocking wild side. I concluded one thing: Rob Lowe loves, loves, loves creeping us out.

It's his favorite thing. I imagine Rob Lowe reads scripts, chuckles a bit, and says, “This will make everyone uncomfortable. I'm doing it.” He just goes for it, this guy. Here are five of our favorite times he was a total creep.

1. In “Tommy Boy,” he was an evil, Mom-loving bastard. 

In twenty seconds, you understand everything that is awesome and creepy about Rob Lowe in “Tommy Boy.”

2. Remember “Crazy Six”? Bet you don't. The point is: Don't mess with Billie.

Just look at Rob Lowe as outlaw Billie in this unreal 1997 film about mafia families vying for control of the arms trade. If the appearance of Burt Reynolds isn't upsetting enough, Rob's demented Skeet-Ulrich-gone-bad getup will surely traumatize you. 

3. “Untouchable”: Drew Peterson is a serial chiller.

Here's Rob Lowe playing convicted murderer Drew Peterson in the Lifetime movie “Untouchable” and loving every minute of it. He is loving his Chicago accent. He is loving his soulless stare. He is horrifying and I'm mad that it makes me like him more.

4. He even likes making himself seem creepy in this “Parks and Recreation” gag.

Rob Lowe mocked himself and decided to be a real-life narcissist in this Funny Or Die clip. When he receives word that his show “Parks and Recreation” will be back on the air soon, he flies into rage because he didn't know that he'd even been off the air. When he scalds Aziz Ansari, I believed his callous (and hilarious) reaction.

5. “Behind the Candelabra”: Liberace's plastic prince

Could Rob Lowe be any weirder, more unsettling, or alien than he is in “Behind the Candelabra”? He is a woozy, pill-popping kook with a gift for the silicone arts. His eyes are from another galaxy. I have seen this clip 1,000 times and will watch it 5,000 times more. Thank you for everything, R.L. 

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