‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ turns 50

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” turns 50
The longest-running Christmas TV special of all time has been telecast every year since its debut on Dec. 6, 1964. Paul Soles, the actor who voiced Hermey the Elf, says he won”t make any special plans to celebrate the anniversary. “Because you can”t avoid it!” says the 84-year-old Soles. “It plays three or four times – it”s hard to escape… I don”t believe I own a copy, but I do watch it, it”s nice to be reminded of a good time.”

LAPD meets with the woman who claims Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her at age 15
Detectives today spoke to Judy Huth, who sued Cosby on Tuesday claiming he assaulted her in 1974 when she was 15. On Thursday, Cosby”s attorney countersued, claiming Huth tried to extort the comedian.

“The Daily Show” apologizes to San Bernardino County”s DA over “sloppy” error
Jon Stewart plans to formally apologize on-air Monday for including a San Bernardino case in a segment this week on Ferguson and police shootings.

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CBS pulls its stations from Dish Network
After failing to reach a new carriage deal, CBS is no longer available in a number of cities, including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. UPDATE: Dish and CBS resolve their dispute.

“Peter Pan Live!” did beat “The Sound of Music Live!” in 1 category – number of tweets generated
About 475,000 tweets were generated from this year”s broadcast, compared to 450,000 last year. PLUS: NBC needs to utilize Christian Borle more.

“24” alum Annie Wersching is returning to “Castle”
She”ll reprise her role as “girlfriend and/or disciple of Castle adversary Jerry Tyson aka 3XK.”

Can “SNL”s” Weekend Update be fixed?
The new team of Colin Jost and Michael Che haven't yet settled in.

Kristin Cavallari admits she felt “used and manipulated” on “Laguna Beach”
“Being 16, 17 in high school, not knowing really how to handle your emotions or even realizing what's going on, I put up a wall,” Cavallari says on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” “I put up a really tough exterior because I felt like they were really trying to take advantage of me,” she adds, noting she hated being labeled the “bad girl.”

“Homeland” boss doesn”t know if he would”ve done an ISIS storyline for Season 4
When showrunner Alex Gansa met with intelligence people before this season, there was no mention of ISIS. “The ISIS people on the ground right now just seem like pure evil,” he says. “We have a character you can understand, somebody who's trying to win back his homeland, interestingly enough.”

Candy Crowley is leaving CNN after 27 years
As colleague Dana Bash put it, “For most of us, Candy represents the soul of CNN.”

“Black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross: “2014 was the year I saw my hair on TV”
Ross is thrilled she can wear her hair like it is in real life: un-relaxed and natural. “I think what is important about Viola Davis taking her wig off on 'How to Get Away With Murder' is that it illustrates that there is a mask that women are thought to have to wear,” she writes in an EW essay. PLUS: This was the year of natural hair on TV.

“Eaten Alive”: What”s behind the rise in “go-wrong TV”?
A Discovery exec says since Nik Wallenda”s Grand Canyon walk last year, “we've been getting 10 or 15 stunt pitches a week.”

“Frasier” alum Peri Gilpin replaces Jean Smart on NBC”s “Mr. Robinson”
She”ll play the tough principal who supervises substitute teacher Craig Robinson on his new sitcom.

NBC developing a human clones drama with Jerry Bruckheimer
“Imitation” is set in a world where human clones are used by the privileged elite, resulting in one clone replacing her human.

“The Great British Bake Off” is coming to PBS
The hit BBC cooking show will be renamed “Great British Baking Show” when it premieres on Dec. 28.

Michael C. Hall still hasn't recovered from playing “Dexter”
Asked if his Showtime character messed with his head, Hall replies: “Definitely. I think I”m only now processing that issue. You can do some sort of intellectual or emotional alchemy and substitute whatever Dexter  is doing away with, with whatever you might deem worthy of doing away with. But in the end, you”re simulating murder and a life based on fundamental, formidable secrets and lies, and that”s going to do a number on you.”

Olivia Pope”s relationship with her dad is the best part of “Scandal”
It is through Rowan that we”ve been able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Olivia.

NBC to honor “Biggest Loser” alum Damien Gurganious after his sudden death
The Dec. 11 episode will feature an in memoriam card.

Craig Ferguson and Kristen Bell have a fireside chat
Watch them crack up over a stuffed cat.

“Pretty Little Liars” boss: I”ve only seen 1 fan correctly guess “A”
Says Marlene King: “Both my assistant and I saw it online – I won't even say where – but there was someone who had it completely right, and I think I saved it. If I have it, and once that revelation is revealed, I will call that person. It was shockingly correct.”

Joel McHale had his “Community” co-stars Gillian Jacobs and Danny Pudi bent over
“Another merry day at the office!” tweeted Alison Brie.

Chris Hardwick is dating Patty Hearst”s daughter
The “@midnight” host, 43, took his romance with 30-year-old Lydia Heart public at a GQ event last night.

Why Netflix”s “Black Mirror” is so brilliant
The British series warns of the dangers of technology: “The real black mirror is your TV screen. And what it”s reflecting is you.”

Shonda Rhimes posts a behind-the-scenes pic from the “Grey”s Anatomy” pilot
It”s from her private collection. PLUS: See inside Ellen Pompeo”s massive trailer.

Watch “Bones'” trailer for the Alfred Hitchcock-themed 200th episode
To mark the occasion, Fox stars filmed a video offering congrats.

“Bones” star Emily Deschanel is pregnant
She and her “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” husband David Hornsby are expecting their 2nd child.

“The Red Tent” is tailor-made for Lifetime
The biblical miniseries isn”t that great, but it deserves kudos “for telling stories about, and from the perspective of, women. PLUS: It cleverly redresses the Bible”s male-oriented tilt.

TNT”s “The Librarians” provides comfort food
The TV series based on the Noah Wyle TV movie franchise isn”t must-see TV. PLUS: Rebecca Romijn was drawn to the show”s genre.