Ryan Adams finally covered Bryan Adams, you monsters

Ryan Adams covered Bryan Adams' hit “Summer of '69.”


Some real comedians think that yelling “Summer of '69” (and the occasional “Cuts Like A Knife,” touché comrades) during a Ryan Adams show makes them clever, because Ryan sounds like Bryan. RYAN SOUNDS LIKE BRYAN.

Ryan Adams has infamously gotten bent outta shape when this happens, at one point ejecting a fan from one of his shows because of this very hilarious joke. I get it. That's like having always tolerate dudes who shout “Free Bird” multiple times in a concert because nobody laughed the first time that they did it and their infinite cleverness ought warrant a finer laurels of pure laughter. Or at least requires non-Lynyrd Skynyrd band to actually perform Lynyrd Skynyrd's “Free Bird.”

Adams, The Bryan Variety was actually my first concert ever, I was 11. Adams, The Ryan Type put on one of my personal favorite shows (during his first “Gold” tour). Some joker shouted “Summer of '69” at that show too, without much of a reaction out of the latter Adams. This was more than a dozen years ago.

And now the gag is put to bed? It's “shut down?” Is That Guy “redeemed?” No, no, no. It will live on. Maybe it'll even get a 7″ pressing. It will be the most in-demand song at a Ryan Adams concert until we all die in the firey apocalypse. The human will has bowed to “Summer of '69” and you all did it to yourselves. Because That Guy now has fuel for his fire. I hope you're happy with yourself.

(Ryan Adams' 2000 solo debut “Heartbreaker” will be re-released on CD and vinyl on May 26th via Pax-Am/Caroline/Universal. He has also previously covered “Run to You,” another very fine Bryan Adams song.)