Samuel L. Jackson Has Admitted To Doing ‘A Weird Thing’ To Learn His Nick Fury Dialogue

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Get ready, for Captain Marvel cast interviews will be surfacing like mad over the next week, and Samuel L. Jackson has now dropped a few gems upon us. Jackson, who already played Nick Fury in eight films before Captain Marvel, has obviously grown close to his character (which is fitting, given that the character was fashioned to look like Jackson in the comics), so much so that he’s actually reliant upon the eye patch now to learn his Marvel dialogue.

It’s easy how to see how such a dependence could have complicated matters, since the film goes down in the 1990s when Nick Fury still has two eyes. We’ll learn in the movie how he lost that peeper for good, and it may or may not be because of Goose the Cat, but it’s definitely because he “trusted someone.” Jackson, however, had to trust his Fury-borne process by pretending to wear a patch while learning lines. Seriously, he couldn’t learn his Fury dialogue with both eyes open, as he told SFX Magazine (via sister publication Games Radar):

“I discovered on the first Captain America that I couldn’t learn lines with two eyes open and do them with one eye covered … So now when I’m actually doing Nick Fury I cover my left eye when I’m learning my lines, so I still have the full visualisation in my head. It’s a very weird thing but it works.

Yep, Sam “Muthaf***ing” Jackson goes method to play Nick Fury. Who’d have thought he’d grow so comfy with that eye-patch security blanket? The legend himself also also appeared (with Brie Larson) for an Entertainment Weekly cover feature, in which describes how he’s a “still light” version of Fury in this film, before the chip-on-the-shoulder materializes, and there’s this adorable discussion of how he got along with the cats who played Goose:

“Fine! All those things are snack-oriented. You give them a snack, you talk to them in a relatively kind tone, and give them another snack when it’s over. Next time they see you, it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s the dude with the snacks!'”

Larson (who was incredibly allergic to her feline co-stars) agreed that being “the dude with the snacks” was what worked for Jackson, and the two discussed how he wants to play a guy who “can just walk across the screen” and “just roll on by” in the project that Larson’s currently writing. He also groused about how he greatly regrets not going “to Gus’ fried chicken [restaurant to] just walk in and buy a bag of chicken and walk out” while filming 2012’s The Avengers. Incidentally, Jackson added, that’s “wanted to do for Breaking Bad.” Read the full, strange EW interview here, and check out the cover below.

Captain Marvel soars into theaters on March 8.


(Via Games Radar & EW)