Sand Snakes debut in ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer, still wearing boob armor

The new season of “Game of Thrones” is three months away, but HBO will be airing a special look behind the scenes on Sunday, February 8. In order to promote it, HBO put out a trailer that was – of course – peppered with tiny bits of Season 5. We get the Khaleesi, Cersei, the Freefolk, some random extras running around screaming, and a SAND SNAKE.

Warning: Mild spoilers below the GIF.

Image Credit: HBO

It”s only a moment, but look at her majestically hurtling through the air. The very picture of her father. But who is it? Depends on how close to the books HBO is adhering. If they”re being loyal to the source material, it”s probably Obara or Elia. If they”re playing it fast and loose it could be Nymeria or even Arianne Martell. Hopefully it”s not Tyene. It better not be Tyene. You hear me HBO?

Whoever it is, she”s still wearing the boob armor that caused such an uproar when photos from the set leaked months ago. Fans were so upset, the costume designer ended up speaking to The Cut about it:

“You've picked a bone of contention!” Clapton laughed. She told the Cut that “it certainly wasn't my intention” to have nippled armor. “I'm not terribly keen on it,” she added. “I don't see the necessity for it. You don't do it on men.” Well, except the famously ridiculed Batman suit. “Yeah, okay, that. But I wouldn't do it on men, and I don't really like the concept of it on women. Of course you have to have the woman's shape. That's fine. But [nipples on armor] is almost from a man's point of view, and there's something slightly cheesy about it.”

Of course, Clapton never said the molded armor ITSELF was a mistake. But hey, at least it”s not plate? Anatomically correct leather actually makes sense from an agility standpoint, right?

Be sure to check out the full trailer below!