Sarah Paulson responded to a hater and it is the most essential Vine we have

12.17.15 4 years ago

This holiday season, you're going to see “Carol.” The buzz will get to you since it's actually better-reviewed than “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Spotlight,” and you'll enjoy Rooney Mara's best performance ever and Cate Blanchett's expected sorcery. Then you will experience Sarah Paulson, who tears it up as Carol's no-nonsense, unamused pal Abby Gerhard. You will know Sarah Paulson's grit when you see this performance.

But until you do that, enjoy this Vine of Paulson on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” responding to a mean tweet. Now you're one step ahead of everyone else in understanding her true powers.

Here's the full clip of Kimmel's newest “Mean Tweets” segment.

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