Second episode of ‘Ask Drew’ digs into ‘Terminator Genesis’ rumors and more

This week's “Ask Drew” covered some ground, which is exactly how we want to do it. You guys hit the video team with a ton of questions, and every single one got read by someone.

I was worried that after the first episode, this was going to turn into some sort of oddball game of “Truth Or Dare” each time. I should have trusted the awesome video team here, though. They selected the questions, and I saw them for the first time as we began recording the episode.

You gave us some great valuable feedback last time, and we've made some small adjustments to the format and the staging this time. No more sealed envelopes. We let things run a little longer.

I love that you guys sent in “Movie God” options. It makes me so happy that you enjoy playing it, and then it makes me suffer when I actually have to answer the ones you send. This was another very pointed one, but sometimes you just make the choice quickly and based on one factor, and this was one of those cases.

One of the things that you asked about this week was “Terminator: Genesis,” which just started shooting this week. I'm going to do my very best to keep an open mind about it. I would love for them to get me excited about the series again. I've tried before to explain why I have problems with this series in general. It's weird. I love the first and second films so much that it's almost irritating that I haven't been able to enjoy any of the films since. I want to care about the future war, but I don't. I want to somehow be invested in the ongoing story of Sarah Connor or John Connor, but I'm not. It all feels like treading water. I'll explain more in my answer to this question, but suffice it say, I wish I wasn't so down on the idea overall.

We're going to start doing one of these every other week, so our next taping will be on May 6, right before I leave for the Cannes Film Festival. Send your questions for next time to, and put ASK DREW in the header.

Thanks for watching and for playing along.