Secrecy on ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ reaches comical levels with on set propaganda poster

There ain't no fandom like the Star Wars fandom, because the Star Wars fandom took a fictional spiritualism and transformed it into internationally recognized religion. We are hardcore. Come at us, bro.

So it stands to reason that when a new entry is about to drop into the Star Wars lexicon, the hype machine is at DEFCON 10000. We are still over a year away from “Episode VII” hitting theaters but rumors and spoilers and internal leaks are coming fast and hard. Which director JJ Abrams doesn't take too kindly to. 

In a humorous attempt at reminding cast and crew to keep their mouths shut, producer Frank Marshall snapped this photo of a poster at Pinewood Studios, where Star Wars is currently filming.


[Via FirstShowing]

The poster is part of a propaganda series by artist Cliff Chiang. Chiang is known for his stylized art that calls to mind the war posters of the 1940s. Some of the other images from his Imperial recruitment series speculated on how the Empire might go about recruiting new members into the Stormtrooper program.

Art By: Cliff Chiang

Art By: Cliff Chiang

Art By: Cliff Chiang

You can see the rest of Chiang's Star Wars art on his website, over here!