See Kal Penn, Jerry O’Connell in first trailer for CBS’ ‘We Are Men’

You know what’s like a dorm for old guys? A short-term apartment complex full of recently divorced men! Isn’t that fun. “We Are Men” is about four newly-single guys who live in the same complex and find camaraderie as they look for love. And pick up chicks in bars. It’s heartwarming! And not sad or depressing at all. Unless there are some scenes like that.  

The cast is made up of Carter (Chris Smith), who was just ditched at the altar and is eager to re-enter the dating scene; Frank Russo (Tony Shalhoub), a four-time divorce who still fancies himself a ladies man; Gil Bartis (Kal Penn), who was caught having the world”s worst affair; and Stuart Strickland (Jerry O”Connell), who is hiding his assets until his second divorce is settled.

“We Are Men” will air Mondays at 8:30 p.m. this fall. 

Will you watch?