Derek Luke knows fight scenes, but not so much about twerking

In the upcoming sci-fi thriller “Self/less,” Derek Luke plays Anton, the friend of a multi-millionaire dying from cancer who undergoes a radical medical procedure to save his life. The role proved physically demanding for Luke as he took on challenges many actors would shy away from.

As he told HitFix, Luke did many of his own stunts and fight scenes. Like any actor learns his lines, Luke figured out his stunts through practice, practice practice.

“I went home and I rehearsed most of everything that [the stunt coordinators] taught me,” Luke explained. “So that”s me in the fighting scenes.”

As if that wasn”t impressive enough, Luke also takes on the dancing challenges for the film, although it wasn”t without some concern.

When shooting a scene with hundreds of twerkers, Luke says, “I didn”t want to ‘re-twerk,” I wanted to make sure I didn”t hurt anybody or anything because I”ve never moved that part of myself in the club.”

“Self/less,” which stars Ryan Reynolds, hits the theaters July 10.