Seth Meyers had the best late night take on Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’

As soon as Beyonce's Lemonade premiered on HBO, changing the lives of Beckys With The Good Hair worldwide, we knew it would provide ample fodder for late night talk shows. 

And so we were quickly treated to Stephen Colbert White Mansplaining it to us and James Corden's “visual monologue.” Seth Meyers took a little longer to get in formation, but may have come up with the best one so far.

The women in Meyers' office, inspired by Queen Bey, are taking baseball bats to glass doors, flipping off everyone, commandeering the conference room table and covering it with flowers and shabby chic chairs, and blowing up Meyers' office, destroying all of his comic books.

All this and Meyers being called a “bitch boy,” below: