‘Shake It Off’ and ‘The Perfect Drug’ mash-up just launched a thousand Taylor Swift/Trent Reznor ships

If someone had told me this morning that by day's end I'd be shipping Taylor Swift and Trent Reznor, I'd have laughed in their face. But then everything changed when this 'Shake It Off/Perfect Drug' mash-up attacked.

I”ll be honest. I originally clicked on this video out of morbid curiosity, but fully expecting to hate it. After all, it seems like blasphemy to mix one of the best industrial songs of the 1990s with Swift”s commercial bubblegum pop. But then something magical and terrible happened.

”Uh oh,” I whispered as I began to ship it.

Dammit, the elements are all there! Taylor Swift is practically a real-life author insert anyway, possessing most of the qualities found in teenage fanfic protagonists. Trent Reznor is the template of a mysterious gothic older man who secretly finds all the saccharine unicorn nonsense of his star-crossed love interest endearing, but can never admit it out loud. This fic practically writes itself!

[Via The Awesomer]