Shakira’s ‘Loca’ Plagiarized: Cry Along to the Copied Jam

08.21.14 5 years ago

Sony is on the hook to pay damages for Shakira, whose song “Loca” from the album “Sale et Sol” was deemed plagiarized. How could Shakira, a bastion of kickass pop songwriting, make the worst kind of creative mistake? Up is down. Left is right. Hips lie.

A judge ruled that “Loca” is based on a song by Latin singer-songwriter Ramon “Arias” Vazquez called “Loco con su Tiguer3.” Apparently Vazquez refused to license the song to El Cato, the featured performer in Shakira's hit, and he created a version of it anyway. Shakira's song is based on that version.

Oh, Shakira. I'm a she-wolf howling in pain at this news.

Listen to Shakira's version here and El Cato's version afterwards:

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