‘Sharknado 2’ is already a huge success regardless of ratings

07.30.14 5 years ago

“Sharknado 2” is already a huge success regardless of ratings
Tonight”s sequel was made for next to nothing, and all the free promotion – from the media to companies like Subway – guarantees that “The Second One” won”t be a failure. PLUS: The New Yorker goes behind the scenes, the sequel is even more cheap and boringly bogus, play the “Sharknado 2” drinking game, it is too packed with cameos, the problem is “Sharknado 2” is trying to spoof the original, it”s as good as the first one, “Sharknado 2” writer promises a “surprisingly heartfelt” sequel, “So it's a tornado full of sharks?,” asks 88-year-old congressman, “Sharknado 2” is so bad, it”s bad, will “Sharknado 2” will give Tara Reid staying power, and the real “Sharknado 2” fear is of missing out on a big event.

How CBS got New York to give Stephen Colbert”s “Late Show” $16 million in tax breaks
“We had to get a little more creative in the incentives to keep them here,” says a spokesman for Empire State Development, noting that Los Angeles, New Orleans and Connecticut were all trying to woo “The Late Show.”

11 things to watch tonight instead of “Sharknado 2”
“Swimming with Sharks” is also on tonight.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” books Jenny Slate
She”ll play a mob mistress in the season premiere, reuniting with former “SNL” co-star Andy Samberg.

Watch Seth Meyers” 1st Emmys promo
The Emmy host tried to bring “Breaking Bad” blue meth and a “Game of Thrones” sword through the TSA.

Infographic: Here are “The Walking Dead”s” most talked-about characters
Turns out The Governor was more talked about than Rick Grimes.

“Downton Abbey” takes over “Harry Potter”s” Hogwarts
The ITV drama is filming this week in the grand residence of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland.

What happens to canceled TV shows” Twitter accounts?
So many dead TV shows had Twitter accounts, it”s like a social media graveyard.

Readers of TV adaptations need to let it go
Regarding the “Game of Thrones” controversy, James Poniewozik says, “In the end, the book is the book. The show is the show. I”m glad to accept that I”m going to get different things from one than from the other–and if one of them ends up sucking, it doesn”t diminish the other. It”s just one more reason that it”s a good thing to own both a TV set and a bookcase.”

Lena Dunham talks to Fred Armisen about once working as an “SNL” extra
She couldn”t stop giggling while Armisen filmed a digital short.

Nick”s “Bachelorette” “made love” comment reversed yet reinforced gender roles
As Willa Paskin points out, “Nick, operating under the auspices of hurt, sexual naïveté, and a dash of hubris, does not believe that Andi, the good, classy girl he loves, could have been sexually comfortable and voracious enough to have really good sex with someone- him!-if he was not 'the one.' No woman who has ever appeared on The Bachelor suffers from this delusion. By bringing up the sex, Nick is also upholding the specific gender roles of The Bachelor, in which men basically get to decide what is kosher.” PLUS: Fox News host calls Andi a “slut.”

Who is “Supernatural” bringing back next season?
Several past guest stars will return in Season 10.

Burbank burger stand gives discounts if you order in the voice or a TV character
Order as  Scooby-Doo, and get 10% off.

Watch Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Jack McBrayer at Comic-Con
They were promoting their new Adult Swim series.

Maksim: Kirstie Alley and I don”t speak anymore
The “Dancing” alum says: “Now that I'm associating with other people, that (she said) she can't be associated with, I am no longer to be spoken with.”

“HIMYM”s” Ashley Williams is pregnant
The actress, whose Jim Gaffigan pilot was just picked up yesterday by TV Land, is expecting her first child this fall.

“Penn & Teller: Fool Us” premieres tonight on CW
The game show will reward magicians who stump the famous duo.

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