‘Sharknado’ lives up to its title and becomes a web sensation

07.12.13 5 years ago

“Sharknado” lives up to its title and becomes a web sensation

The schlocky Syfy film proved to be a communal experience as celebrities on Twitter — including Mia Farrow — relished in its cheesiness. PLUS: Damon Lindelof offers to write the sequel and Syfy offers to pay him “shockingly little, everything went horribly right, and the “Sharknado” company is behind many “mockbusters.”

“Parks and Rec” is filming in London because Chris Pratt is shooting a movie in England

“That’s how we got the idea,” says co-creator Mike Schur. “‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie is being shot there. We were talking about how Pratt is going to be away and going to miss a couple episodes and then we were like, ‘What if we use that almost as an excuse for the premiere and shoot in London?’ That was the genesis of it.”

Natalie Zea to return to “The Following” after her character was nearly killed off
Fox execs, however, objected to killing off her character, fearing it would turn off viewers.

Kaley Cuoco’s romance with “Superman” is short-lived

“The Big Bang Theory” star has split from Henry Cavill, one week after their relationship was revealed.

“Mad Men” costume designer is developing her own reality competition
“Janie Bryant’s Hollywood” would have contestants create garments in the style of classic Hollywood films.

Lena Dunham makes a point of not endorsing the sex scandal candidates in NYC races

The “Girls” star isn’t a fan of Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner.

“Lost’s” Sonya Walger is headed to “Parenthood”
She’ll recur next season as a “sexy” architect who works with Joel.

Giancarlo Esposito is returning to “Once Upon a Time”

Which of his alter egos will he return as?

“Glee” co-stars get engaged

Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist are set to tie the knot.

Candice Glover has dropped 30 pounds through her “Idol” experience

She says she lost 10 pounds since winning in May.

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