‘She-Ra’ Returns Thanks To An Award Winning Artist And Netflix

It seems that everything from the ’80s is coming back to pop culture, in cameo form if nothing else. And, yet, an attempt to revive He-Man has languished in Hollywood’s development hell for years. Fortunately, She-Ra doesn’t have the problems of her muscle-bound twin brother, and she’ll be coming back, courtesy of a fresh voice in comics and Netflix

Animation fans probably know Noelle Stevenson best for her work on Wander Over Yonder and DuckTales, but in comics, she’s been a wunderkind, first appearing in print with the witty supervillain comedy Nimona and the fantasy comic Lumberjanes, and winning several top honors, including the comics version of the Oscars, the Eisners, for both series. In the Variety article revealing this (amid such shows as Boss Baby: Back In Business), unsurprisingly the Princess of Power will be getting an update: “The series is described as an epic and timely tale that celebrates female friendship and empowerment, led by a warrior princess tailor-made for today.”

Considering the somewhat, uh, freewheeling nature of the writers’ room in both franchises, that’s probably for the best. Dreamworks Animation has already shown it can handle some of the more absurd premises of the 1980s with Voltron: Legendary Defender racking up several seasons on Netflix and turning a show about robot lions fighting space aliens into something entertaining without being condescending. And Stevenson is quite good at writing for all-ages while not softening her material: Lumberjanes has built an audience with its extremely deft handling of some tough topics. We’ll see just what she’s got in 2018.

(via Variety)