Shia LaBeouf heard Sia was into weird, so now we’re here: ‘Elastic Heart’ music video

Shia LaBeouf's choreography lessons for his nude-and-dancing appearance in Sigur Ros' “Fjögur Píanó” music video has helped him to double down: the actor/director co-stars in yet another dancing-oriented video, this time for Sia's “Elastic Heart.”

Sia's pint-sized stand-in Maddie Ziegler — who stole and crushed hearts in the “Chandelier” music vid — offers another outstanding performance. Let's compare “Elastic Heart” to “Chandelier”:

Shia may have saved up all that crying he did in “Fury” in a little jar and reintroduced it here, but as a combo, I'm moved.

And now let's compare “Elastic Heart” to “Fjögur Píanó”:

I have bruises and I don't even know how I got them.

And while we're on the subject of dirty dancing: compare the filth and fight of “Elastic Heart” to Pink's incredible “

I'm exhausted now, aren't you?

“Elastic Heart” is off of Sia's 2014 effort “1000 Forms of Fear.”