Shut up and take my money! – Darth Vader, Harley Quinn, and more

All week long, I scour the Internet for the best ways to blow part (or all) of your paycheck on your favorite fandom. From clothes and jewelry to wall art and prints, if it”s geeky, it”s game.

Calling all astronomy, Harry Potter, Harley Quinn, Darth Vader, and Cheshire cat fans. Step right up and wrestle with your inner self about emptying your savings account.

#1: In memorandum of Pluto. This spinner ring features all NINE planets in our solar system. each represented by an appropriate precious gemstone.

Hand-crafted and sold by Metamorphosis Design, each ring is custom made.

#2: Put a wizarding twist on a childhood game. Can you ‘Guess Who” your opponent is? How there isn”t an official version of this board game for everything – like there is for Monopoly – seems like a wasted opportunity.

See a need, fill a need. Harry Potter Guess Who? is sold by Mad Hatter Artwork

#3: Be insanely stylish in this cardigan. Black and red are always in season, as is Harley Quinn”s iconic diamond pattern.

Get your own from Hot Topic“s website or stores.

#4: Do you prefer the dark side of toast? Even Sith Lords need a little help to get going in the morning. What better way than with Star Wars toast?

Behold the power of this fully operational toaster, as sold by Think Geek.

#5: You”d have to be mad to be swimsuit shopping already. But if you”re mad, you might as well flaunt it in a killer one-piece featuring the Cheshire Cat.

Head through the looking glass and snag this swimwear from Black Milk Clothing.

Have you seen geeky swag that made you yell “Shut up and take my money!”? Send your suggestions to!