Shut up and take my money! – David Bowie, R2-D2, and more

All week long, I scour the Internet for the best ways to blow part (or all) of your paycheck on your favorite fandom. From clothes and jewelry to wall art and prints, if it”s geeky, it”s game.

Calling all Cinderella, dinosaur, “Big Hero 6,” Star Wars, and David Bowie fans. Step right up and calculate exactly how late you can be with the rent.

#1: Be the star of the ball in this gauzy “Cinderella” skirt.
It is literally impossible not to feel like a princess while wearing tulle.

Available at Kohl”s Online and retail stores.

#2: If you can”t stand the heat, don”t get get T-Rex heat lamp.
If you think this would make more sense as a dragon, get out of here with that kind of logic.

Okay this one”s a cheat. You have to buy the MATERIALS. Instructions aptly at Instructables.

#3: Love means always getting the obscure references.
From “As You Wish” to “After all this time?” and more, this dress is covered in ’em.

Sold by Gold Bubble Clothing.

#4: Attract a hairy baby of your own with this Baymax nightlight.
He”ll even lull you to sleep or help you with meditative breathing.

Pre-order yours from Brando before it”s too late.

#5: Explore the galaxy with R2-D2 by your side, holding your 3oz. toiletries.
Just ignore his indignant beeps.

Available from ThinkGeek.com.

#6: Love this “Labyrinth” dress, fear it, do anything it asks.
Who doesn”t want David Bowie on their chest?

Snag yours from Verasey Candy on Etsy.

Have you seen geeky swag that made you yell “Shut up and take my money!”? Send your suggestions to harpy@hitfix.com!