Shut up and take my money! – Deadpool, BBC Sherlock, and more!

All week long, I scour the Internet for the best ways to blow part (or all) of your paycheck on your favorite fandom. From clothes and jewelry to wall art and prints, if it”s geeky, it”s game.

Calling all Doctor Who, Deadpool, Sherlock, Cthulhu, and Wonder Woman fansgirls! Step right up and debate if you can be late on the light bill this month.

#1: Sweat it out in the gym in this “Doctor Who” tank top. Bonus! Shirt will not accidentally murder you.

Also available in a normal t-shirt and a long-sleeved pullover from Look Human.

#2: Go for a taco run in some fabulous Deadpool leggings.

Get yours from We Love Fine and then go put some zombie Presidents back in their graves.

#3: Since Build-A-Bear won”t feed your “Sherlock” obsession, here”s an alternative.

Etsy seller Clockwork and Cthulu creates a variety of nerdy teddy bear clothes.

#4: Hail the Elder God Cthulhu with some stylish nail art.

Or just enjoy the steampunk nature of giant sea monsters destroying ships sold by Tempus Fugit.

#5: By Hera, it”s cold outside! Take this hoodie woven by Hephaestus*.

*Actually woven by human. Sold by Superhero Stuff.

Have you seen geeky swag that made you yell “Shut up and take my money!”? Send your suggestions to harpy@hitfix.com!