Sia wrote this new song for Kelly Clarkson: Hear ‘Invincible’

Only one more week until Kelly Clarkson releases Piece by Piece and that means it”s time for a new song.

Her latest nugget, “Invincible,” looks to combine that Clarkson backbone we so love from tracks like “Since U Been Gone” and the aural architecture of David Guetta and Sia‘s “Titanium.” Makes sense on the latter; Sia penned the song.

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In the track Clarkson shows off the very high end of her impressive vocal range, hitting some notes that certainly make her invincible among female pop singers. The song tells the story of a little girl becoming a woman, coming into her own and discovering a sense of self-worth: in short, it”s territory Clarkson has covered before that has a new ring now that she”s a mother.

Fans who want the track right now can pre-order the album to get it along with a “seven piece lyric card puzzle housed in a custom holographic foil stamped box” and an early access code to buy tickets to her as-yet-unannounced tour.

Piece by Piece is in stores on March 3.