Simon Kinberg: ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ will be the final film of the ‘First Class’ series

(CBR) At Yahoo!, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” writer Simon Kinberg revealed that the next film, “X:Men: Apocalypse” will conclude the story that began in “X-Men: First Class,” officially wrapping up the three films as a trilogy.
“The thrust of [‘Apocalypse”] is really to complete the trilogy we began with 'First Class' – to complete the stories of young Raven, young Hank, younger Charles and Erik,” said Kinberg. “And complete this trilogy of four people who began the films in sort of disparate and in different worlds — even if they knew each other, in the case of Charles and Raven.”
Kinberg added: “We”ve followed them over what will be the span of decades… So really that”ll be the thrust of that film. There will be familiar characters and new characters that we haven”t seen…ever…but it”ll be the completion of what we began in 'First Class'.”
Kinberg also further discussed the “ripples” in the X-Men series' timeline, seen at the conclusion of “Days of Future Past” — noting that in some cases history has been entirely rewritten from the previous films. The writer also acknowledged that if they included any of the main cast from the first “X-Men,” that they will be recast, “because 'Apocalypse' takes place a good 20 years before [the first 'X-Men' film.]”
Bryan Singer will direct “X-Men: Apocalypse,” which is scheduled to open May 27, 2016. Watch the video of the interview below: