Skip Or Repeat: Ashley Monroe, Public Enemy, Eminem’s ‘Southpaw’ soundtrack

Welcome back to Skip Or Repeat, capsule album reviews for the week's new crop on April 24.

This time: Bea Miller's pop-rock full-length debut, Public Enemy's no. 13, Jill Scott's womanly “Woman,” Ashley Monroe's easy country and Eminem-curated “Southpaw” soundtrack.

If none of those scratch an itch for you, give a listen to one of these other efforts: Lamb of God's heavy “VII: Strum Und Drang,” Eleni Mandell's warm “Dark Lights Up,” Prince Royce's party record “Double Vision” or Eleventh Day Dream's “Works For Tomorrow” from the smart folks at Thrill Jockey.

What new music are you listening to? What would you recommend this week?