Slow start for 2015

I just realized how little I've posted here since January 1st, and it's sort of mortifying.

The thing is, I've been working. I'm writing a bunch of things that you'll see later, I'm working to set up interviews and contributions on projects that won't publish for a little while, and the net result is that it looks like nothing's going on.

I feel like I haven't seen much, either. I saw “Kingsman: The Secret Service” the same day I saw “Taken 3,” but I think I'm still embargoed on that one. Same thing with “Jupiter Ascending.” I would love to be able to start writing about these things, but it's still a little too early. I've got some reviews coming this week for things like “Blackhat” and “Paddington,” and a new “Film Nerd 2.0” that's almost done, but even so… a slow start.

I apologize for that. I am serious about making better use of the blog format this year, and one of the things I'm working to do is really focus on regular columns instead of just writing up the same exact news breaks that everyone else is covering. You guys have a thousand places you can read those news breaks, so it seems like the best strategy for me is to instead focus on things you can't read everywhere else.

If there's anything we've tried before, like “Movie Rehab” or “Ask Drew,” that you are particularly fond of (or that you really intensely dislike), let me know. I'll be doing the final stretch of “James Bond Declassified” articles this year as we count down to “SPECTRE,” and if they ever actually greenlight “Travis McGee,” I'll be able to justify a return to that series as well.

The bigger point here is that I don't ever want to go on auto-pilot here. It's easy to do after a while, and there is a rhythm to all of this that is very easy to fall into, but I want to continually be engaged and make sure that I'm not phoning anything in. You guys deserve better than that, especially with all the options there are for you to read about film every single day.