‘SNL’ accused of ripping off its Tina Turner sketch

“SNL” accused of ripping off its Tina Turner sketch
A teacher for the L.A.-based comedy troupe that boasts so many “Saturday Night Live” alums and two of its members claim the Tina Turner tribute band sketch featured this past weekend was a direct ripoff. And to prove it, they”ve uploaded their video to YouTube. Meanwhile, an “SNL” source tells The Wrap that the sketch wasn”t ripped off: “It's a common idea, Tina Turner is such an iconic figure. The similarities represent parallel thinking, it's an example of great minds thinking alike.”

Don”t be pessimistic about “Twin Peaks” returning!
The knee-jerk reaction to today”s news is to point out how terrible “Twin Peaks” became. But as James Poniewozik says, it”s okay to be excited: “I have no idea, of course, what the new Twin Peaks will be like. It will be good, or it will be bad. But I beg you: let yourself get excited. Be happy about a thing without needing to coat it in prophylactic pessimism. Don”t give in to the defensive reflex to pre-disappoint yourself. Don”t be afraid of seeming like a sucker.” PLUS: It won't be the same unless Kyle MacLachlan returns.

Sarah Wayne Callies will play Josh Holloway”s wife on USA's “Colony”
The “Prison Break” and “The Walking Dead” alum is joining the sci-fi drama from “Lost”s” Carlton Cuse.

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Just how bad was “Mulaney”s” debut?
The Fox sitcom”s numbers aren”t too far off from “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project,” but the fact that it lost 60% of “Family Guy”s” demo viewers and that it did so poorly among adult males under 35 means its chances for survival are grim.

“Dallas” fans launch petition for TNT to un-cancel the show
So far, nearly 50,000 have asked TNT to reconsider its decision, which was based on declining ratings.

Teresa Giudice is said to be “not doing well” after her prison sentencing
At last night”s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” taping, People reports that Teresa, based on a witness account, “looks upset. Normally at a thing like this, she would be on fire. But it's quiet. Everyone is being a little more cordial.”

Wendy Williams to host the Soul Train Awards
She”ll helm the ceremony set for Nov. 30.