‘SNL’ gets a cameo out of ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Jesse Pinkman

09.29.13 4 years ago

“SNL” gets a cameo out of “Breaking Bad’s” Jesse Pinkman
Aaron Paul appeared in several sketches tonight, including one to promote eMeth. He also appeared on Weekend Update. PLUS: Tina Fey plays “New Cast Member or Arcade Fire?,” and watch the best of Cecily Strong’s debut on Weekend Update. PLUS: Watch “SNL’s” parody of “Girls,” which Lena Dunham called a “true honor.”

“Breaking Bad’s” Michael Bowen malnourished himself to play Uncle Jack
The actor, who auditioned with the leather jacket he wears on the show, says of his massive weightloss: “There’s a specific look that ex convicts have. There’s kind of a gray color to them, kind of a leathery feel to them. I tried to get all of those physicalities in there for Uncle Jack. I was essentially malnourishing myself. I got a blood test, and my vitamin D was way down, so it was kind of an idiot move, but it looks good on the character.” PLUS: NFL jumps on “Breaking Bad”-spoofing bandwagon.

“Glee’s” Heather Morris gives birth to a baby boy
The actress named her child Elijah.

Is Aaron Sorkin dating CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield?
Will “The Newsroom” next season feature a hot female anchor with nerd glasses?

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