So, how did ‘Grease Live’ ratings stack up against the live musical competition?

Fox's Grease Live was a pretty awesome spectacle, full of “how'd they do that?” moments that the NBC live musicals it sought to outdo could only dream of (or rather, not dream of, since I don't think a golf cart ride to a giant carnival set ever occurred to anyone on the NBC productions). 

But did the ratings match the jaw-droppingness of the production? 

Just about. Fox announced that Grease Live was the top-rated show last night by, like, a lot (it beat ABC, CBS, and NBC's combined ratings in adults 18-49). More importantly, I think, for Fox, Grease beat two of NBC's live musicals: it just edged out The Wiz in adults 18-49 and crushed Peter Pan (which, to be honest, isn't that difficult). And in “teens,” Fox said, Grease beat Wiz, Peter Pan, and — yes! — The Sound of Music

So, there you have it. All you have to do is take over the Warner Bros. backlot and cast Ana Gasteyer and you, too, will have a full-fledged hit on your hands.