So that’s how a ‘Ghostbusters’ proton pack works…

07.06.15 4 years ago

So far, Paul Feig appears to be having a great deal of fun with the way he's revealing some of the details of his new “Ghostbusters” film.

And why not? It's not often you get to play with iconography as familiar as this. One of the things that was clear just from the first rough pass of ideas on the film from Feig and his co-writer Katie Dippold is that they want to include all of the familiar details, but in a way that reconfigures them completely. It's not the standard approach to a reboot or a sequel, landing somewhere in-between.

Today, Feig released a heavily-annotated picture of a proton pack, the primary tool of a Ghostbuster. I like the handmade look of this thing, and I particularly love the way each piece has been explained. This is part of the appeal of “Ghostbusters” in the first place, the blue-collar real-world feel of the equipment.

Check out the image:


I'm curious when we'll get our first real hero shot of the cast in their costumes, all geared up and ready to bust. For now, Feig's doing pretty well with the slow-drip approach to things.

“Ghostbusters” is set to hit theaters July 22, 2016.

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