‘So You Think You Can Dance’ recap: The show heads to ‘Audition City #2’

Detroit! Otherwise known as “Audition City #2,” as stated in the episode title. Was that considered too big of a reveal? Did Fox think people would tune in, then see “Detroit” in the title and switch channels? I guess that will remain a mystery, but the good new is that TWitch is in the house! With Nigel and Mary. The producers had better not wear out poor Mary. She had cancer. Be nice, for crying out loud. But I guess the “nice” part of Detroit was giving Mary some time with the male exotic dancers. Good thing she didn’t have heart problems. 

Jade Zuberi

He wants to put the audience in Wonderland. TWitch is all over this. Nigel and Mary are slower to warm up, but they do. His performance is really unique, I will say that. Nigel didn’t want it to stop. Mary thinks he’s a star at what he does. TWitch thinks it’s one of the best auditions he’s ever seen. Jade gets a ticket.

Okay, I have a problem with this. Morris was an amazing B-boy, but he was sent to choreography, then home. I think that, though I was disappointed to see Morris go, the judges need to at least try to be consistent. If there’s no indication you can do many styles, choreography. Jade is clearly hugely talented, but I’m guessing self-taught. Either take every great breaker or send them to choreography, but don’t muddle the issue, judges. 

Amy Yakima

Her dad takes jazz class to support her. I’m guessing Dad will be dancing next. There he goes, heading for the stage. Sigh. They may have wanted to save his audition until after Amy tried out. It would be pretty crappy not to send Amy through at this point. Poor Dad. He looks like a dancing panda. Okay, now it’s Amy’s turn.  

Thank GOD she’s good. Cut to Dad crying. Okay, okay, we get it. And another shot of Dad crying, in case you missed it or went to the bathroom or something. I’m pretty sure the judges are already planning to put her in the top ten just by how this is edited. As expected, Nigel didn’t see anything bad in her work. Mary thought she was spectacular. TWitch liked the contact between her textures. She’s going to Vegas. Duh. 

Morgan Williams

He claims that has better abdominals than tWitch. TWitch takes this with a sense of humor, but I can already tell Nigel wants to kick this kid in the head. I don’t blame him. His solo is dedicated to his grandma. She’s dead, but her birthday was Saturday. Nigel wants him to shut up and dance. For such a tall guy, his extension isn’t great. Mary hoots repeatedly. Nigel says it’s yes to choreography, but Mary insists on a ticket to Vegas. 

Now, a montage of Detroit jit. It’s fast feet, fast arms, and apparently low pants, at least in one case. 

Will “Sysko” Green

And now, jit in action. At least tWitch likes it. It looks like an aerobics class to me. Will can hip roll, which Mary wants to see. So he takes off his shirt, and Mary takes a seat in front of him. She giggles and covers her eyes all through it, so not the most effective audition. God, I feel like I’m at a strip club. Mary giggles. Nigel and tWitch fan Mary. Nigel thinks he’s a yes to choreography. Mary and tWitch agree. 

Time for tWitch to perform. He does a Detroit dance, though I think it may just be a Detroit dance because he’s in Detroit. Of course, it’s great no matter where it is. I think his abs are just as good as Morgan’s, really.

Garrett Frye

I get the impression this guy is actually a comedian. His style is panic and having fun with it. Well, it’s TV exposure. He thinks he’s doing hip hop, but isn’t sure.

I am already tired of Garrett and he hasn’t started yet.

Yeah, he’s just screwing around. Maybe he’s doing this on a dare. At least Nigel, Mary and tWitch are amused. The guy is doing jumping jacks. Come on. The judges say he’s fun and send him home. I did not find this all that fun. He wasn’t that funny, and obviously, he sucked. So… massive waste of time.

Choreography round! Will gets a rap on the knuckles for freestyling during the dance, and gets sent home. Cat asks him if he’ll take more classes. He says he’ll try agin. Oh, Will! Take Cat’s hint! It will help! Or watch some classes on YouTube or something! 

Eight more dancers make it through choreography.

Now, we see much excitement and ticket waving. 

Day two in Detroit after the break. Yesterday, I had felt that this season was going to be nonstop amazing. Today, not so much.

Tyrone Cobham Jr. 

He lives with his grandma. He wants to make her proud, since tap isn’t likely to pay a lot of bills. But he’s a very good tapper. He has a Gregory Hines attitude I really appreciate, this relaxed, cool guy persona that makes tap a lot more fun to watch. They HAVE to put him through, because the tappers who have been on this show thus far have looked terrible and stiff. Nigel thinks he’s one of the best tappers that’s been on the program. No kidding. Mary thought he was the best tapper in ten seasons. He’s going through. Just give him a damn ticket. TWitch wishes he could be as smooth. Give him a ticket! Just do it!

Finally, Nigel gives him a ticket. This guy is honestly the only tapper I’ve ever looked forward to seeing in the top 20. 

We have a montage of three girls who apparently do not have names but have loving family members. They all get tickets to Vegas. 

One of the girls gets her grandma to do Gangnam Style on the stage. Nigel and Mary and tWitch join in. Okay, that’s cute. I would have preferred to see that routine at length over Garrett Frye and his flopping around. That’s still ticking me off. 

Darryl “Smilez” Harrell 

Next up, male exotic dancers from a group called Fame. They do it for fun and funds. First up, Darryl. Everyone calls him Smiles. He’s been dancing since he was a fetus. He’s funny and obviously talented. But, no verdict until the rest of the Fame crew auditions. 

Defonte “Prince Charming” Thomas

He dances without his shirt. He’s a good club dancer, I think. 

Finally, there’s a verdict. No, there’s not. Smilez, step forward. Prince Charming, step forward. And… they can both stay for choreography. The other guys go home. And they can put on shirts. 

Choreography round. Smilez isn’t going to Vegas. Prince Charming… isn’t going to Vegas. Wait, he’s going to Vegas. Nigel, you sneaky bastard! Wow. Six other contestants make it through choreography. 

So, that’s “Audition City #2,” otherwise known as Detroit. I hope no one changes the signs at the airport. There were some impressive talents (Tyrone actually makes me excited to see tap on this show, which I had thought was impossible), but I’m not as excited today. Probably because the show wasted valuable time on Garrett and his stupid flopping around. 

Are you rooting for anyone yet? What do you think of jit? And what did you think of Garrett?